New Additions to my collection.


Hi everyone. I have finally added some new photographs to my web page.

I post daily on social media, but I some how have neglected posting up to my web page.

"Dawn Across The Bay"


Taken in December, but not this year I'm afraid. There have been too many cloudy wet mornings in December 2019. So one from my unpublished archives.

"Scarborough harbour at sunrise."


Taken in December 2019, The rising sun is defused by the cloud bank on the horizon. Fishing boats await their next trip out into the north sea, resting peaceful at anchor in the calm waters of the harbour.

"September evening in the south bay. Scarborough."


The "Iconic" Scarborough Lighthouse is such a prominent landmark in the south bay of Scarborough.

This shot was taken on a lovely September evening in 2019 as the sun was setting and flooding the bay with light.

"Rock of Ages."

Dramatic Autumn sunrise taken from the rocks at the Spa, Scarborough.

The dramatic lighting in this photo only lasted minutes before the sun was higher in the sky and daylight was fully upon the scene.

Thank you for reading my has been a long time since I wrote anything.

May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.