Urban Scarborough In Black & White (issue number 2)

Hello and welcome back to my Blog.

In my first issue of "Scarborough in Black & White", I tried to portray the beauty of Scarborough, even when the weather is inclement and the daylight hours are short.

I chose to shoot in Black & White for this Blog. I think it is a lot more atmospheric.


Downpour on Whitehead Hill.

Early on a spring morning and the weather is very un-spring like.

I sheltered under the leaves of a tree to get this shot as the rain teemed down and dripped off the branches and leaves.

It looks deserted with no living creature venturing out on such a wet morning, but look closely...I'm not the only one sheltering, In the bottom right corner of the picture you can see a cat crouching in the shadows waiting for the rain to stop...Just like me, It didn't fancy getting wet.


Climbing out of the shadows.

I love the narrow streets, alleyways and flights of stone steps that abound in the old part of Scarborough.

This set of steps runs from the seafront in the south bay up into the town.

Thousands of visitor's that throng the seafront area, pass this view daily, but no one takes the trouble to look or explore.

The shot was taken at dawn on a February morning in 2018.


A wet morning on Foreshore Road.

My favourite time of day for photography. The light from the street lamps glinting off the wet road and pavement and the shadows cast by the ironwork create a scene that is not often experienced by visitors or many locals.

Getting up out of bed on a cold, dark, wet winters morning has it's compensations even though I sometimes think I have taken leave of my sanity to do it.

Taken on a January morning in 2017.


Fond memories crumbling away.

Another scene from Foreshore Road in Scarborough. This time a scene that cannot be repeated.

A forlorn view of the "Futurist" theatre that has now been demolished.

Sadly, before it's demise it was left to crumble and rot in front of everyone's eyes for a number of years.

Unused and unloved, I took this shot to show how this asset had been left to slowly fall apart.

However, time moves on and in a while I may be able to photograph it's replacement, whatever it is.


Deserted at dawn...

My home town in the early morning is wonderfully traffic free. Not only that, but pedestrian free also.

This allows me to do things that would be normally inadvisable and plain stupid, such as standing in the middle of the road to take photographs. However, dong this gives a different angle to the shot.

Looking down St Thomas Street from the junction with Castle Road I have used a zoom lens to give a condensed perspective to the shot, bringing the background further forward instead of the long view.

Notice the bird standing on the road in the centre of the image (I think it's a crow) and between the traffic islands, a seagull standing there surveying the scene, or watching me...I'm not quite sure.


Cabby's Shelter.

The last one for today, and for this one we move up the town and to the top of Victoria Road at it's junction with Westborough.

This ornate shelter has stood on this site for many, many years and has always intrigued me. I have taken many photographs of this location and will be publishing more at a later date.

The shelter was built originally for cabbies to shelter between jobs. These were the old cabbies that drove horse drawn carriages for a living before the advent of the motor car.


Well, one again, that's it for this short blog. I will continue with more shots in this theme at a later date. I thourely enjoyed creating it. I hope that you enjoyed reading it.

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Thanks for reading.