Urban Scarborough In Black & White

Hello and welcome to my latest Blog.

I am trying to portray the beauty of Scarborough, even when the weather is inclement and the daylight hours are short.

To try and portray the scenes uncluttered to the eye, I chose to shoot in Black & White. I find that it makes the subject atmospheric and to the point...no colour needed.


Quay Street in the rain.

This shot was taken on a very wet winters morning a few years ago.

I believe that the lamp has been changed for a modern design, which is a shame as it makes the scene more Dickensian looking.

On my left hand side was a modern amusement arcade who's awning I was stood under to do this shot. So the camera stayed dry in the light drizzle.

The "Old Town" area of Scarborough is an amazing place for early morning shots. It has so much to offer, though I do also do my black and white shots in other parts of the town too, as you will see.


Before the "Rush Hour"....St Nicholas Street before dawn.

On this particular morning I had come out with the intention of photographing the sunrise from the vantage point in the Town Hall gardens. I arrived early to get some moody shots and saw this scene.

Looking down St Nicholas street from the corner near the entrance to St Nicholas Gardens, the Royal Hotel building is illuminated in the glow of the street lamps.

This shot was taken in the spring time as you can see the hanging baskets on the side of the hotel, so It was very early, probably around 5am


"Before the shoppers arrive"... Westborough Precinct.

This time a modern building. Now, you either love the architecture, or you hate it, but it is there and should be included in my "Town" Blog.

Once again, this shot would have been taken in the spring time. The trees were full with leaves. If I had got up early to go out and I found it was cloudy, I still went out and concentrated on the lamp lit streets. I must admit, nowadays I am not so eager to do this. I look out of the window and if it is not to my liking, I get back into bed...I must be getting old.

This shot was taken from the top end of the precinct at the road junction.


The "Lord Rosebery"...Westborough.

Formally the Coop department store in former years, This is one of the more successful public houses in Scarborough.

Taken on the same morning as the previous shot in this blog it looks better in black & white.

With hindsight I would have done this shot differently today. The lens I used is too wide angle making the building in the shot all out of perspective. Now I would take it with a narrower lens and stand further back to get the shot so I would get the lines vertical...ah well, hindsight is a wonderful thing.


"Raining in Paradise"

Yes, it is Paradise...the road name is "Paradise and runs down the hill to the corner where it becomes Castlegate.

This building is now apartments or "Flats" as we say. It was formally a school for boys who wanted a career at sea when they left school and was called "The Graham Sea Training School" It closed as a school in the late 60's - early 70's I believe.

Another one of those wet mornings when I must have been a complete nutcase to go out in the awful weather...maybe Iv'e grown wiser or just got too old for jaunts like this now.


"Fog on Kings Street"

King Street...behind the town hall is a very old thoroughfare of Scarborough. A lot of the old buildings have either been knocked down or converted for modern use. The buildings in the distance were for many years Nesfields brewery.

I took this on a morning when the old town was being plagued by "Sea Fret" that seems to roll in with the tide. A couple of hours later it could be bright sunshine as the sea fog was burned off by the warmth of the morning sun.


Well, that's it for this short blog. I will continue with this theme depending on how it is received. However, you may have found it boring. I enjoyed creating it. I hope that you enjoyed reading it.

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Thanks for reading.