Twilight London

The title sums up my passion for low light photography.

This time, the location is London.

I sadly don't get down to London as often as I would like, but when I do, I always find time to go out with my camera and tripod.

My family always like to catch a show whilst in town...I hate sitting in a theatre watching some boring (for me) show, So, I make a quick exit of the scene and get down onto the south bank of the river Thames. My favourite place for London photography...Here are a few. I hope you like them.

I was quite lucky with this one. The sun had just set and the light was amazing. With the added enhancement of the orange-red sky, it made a nice framed image.

Once again. Luck seemed to be on my side.

I climbed up the steps from the South Bank onto Westminster Bridge.

The light was a little brighter up here in the open but I still managed to capture the relaxed atmosphere of a summer's evening in London after sunset.

The real photography fun would come about as the light really faded. That is my favourite type of photography and always a challenge to get it right.

many shots don't make it, but once in a while you hit the nail on the head and "Bingo" you have something worth having...we shall see futher down.

Finally, the night.

I love London in the dark.

Viewed from the Thames, it is spectacular.

All the reflections and shadows make a dynamic image.

The time exposure flattens the water making a sold surface to cast the light reflections and glare from the flood lit buildings and windows of the capitol.

Sheer magic.

One more view of London by night.

This one I took from the middle of Tower Bridge (pictured above).

It shows the lights of City Hall, Office blocks and towering upwards in the background is "The Shard".

I did do a daytime photo-shoot from the top of the shard...but that is for another blog.

I will end off with this one.

This is not an evening shot.

I took this in the early morning as dawn was breaking over the city.

It was wonderful light in the cool of the early dawn.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I'll be back soon.